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About Edward River Gardens – Residential Aged Care

What is Edward River Gardens?

Edward River Gardens is a Residential Aged Care facility in Moulamein, South West NSW. It provides residential accommodation for those who have found living at home has become too difficult. Edward River Gardens provides a safe and secure environment with personalised care tailored to meet the personal needs of every resident. A lifestyle where personal wellbeing, companionship and social interaction is foremost of its goals. There are no hills to climb, but we have a mountain of activities to make every day the best it can be.

Edward River Gardens offers three levels of accommodation.

Flottman House

Built in 2014 thanks to a generous donation by Len and Gwen Flottman, Flottman House is a modern, high quality, comfortable and secure hostel which provides 24 hour personal care tailored to residents needs. This section accommodates 11 residents

Doran House

Thanks to an additional donation by Roy Doran, Doran House was built as a specialised secure memory Assistance Unit focusing on the needs of people with dementia. This section accommodates 5 residents.

Riverside Terraces

Built in 1981 as Moulamein’s first aged care accommodation, Riverside Terraces now provide independent living for single occupancy intended as a stepping stone to the residential aged care offered at the adjoining Flottman and Doran Houses. Riverside Terraces are comprised of three bed-sit/studio units and three one-bedroom units. All units are fully air-conditioned units with kitchenettes, bathroom and laundry.

Enquiries about Riverside Terraces should be directed to:

Golden Rivers Real Estate
20 Mellool Street, Barham NSW 2732
Phone 03 5453 2099